HTML Canvas Project

January 28, 2020

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Draw whatever you want in the canvas using the mouse!

This is one of the projects of Vanilla JavaScript 30 challenge by Wes Bos.

What is canvas?

<canvas> tag lets you create a canvas in HTML. You need to specify the canvas width and height, so as Context type. The context for canvas is 2D or 3D.

In this project, I set the canvas width equals to window.innerWidth and height equals to window.innerHeight. To grab the value of window.innerWidth and window.innerHeight, The entire screen size of the web browser itself becomes a canvas.

How to draw on Canvas

I set four event listeners to the canvas.

The first event listener tracks the cursor coordinates in the canvas. Depends where your cursor is, the color will change too:

const updateCords = (e, mouse, lastMouse, ctx) => { lastMouse.x = mouse.x; lastMouse.y = mouse.y; mouse.x = e.pageX - e.currentTarget.offsetLeft; mouse.y = e.pageY - e.currentTarget.offsetTop; updateColor(lastMouse.x, lastMouse.y, ctx); }; const updateColor = (x, y, ctx) => { let color = (x + y) / 2; ctx.strokeStyle = `hsl(${color}, 100%, 50%)`; }; canvas.addEventListener('mousemove', (e) => updateCords(e, mouse, lastMouse, ctx));

The value of mouse and lastMouse coordinates are set (0, 0) for both at the beginning of IIFE. As you can see, every mouse move in the window invokes the updateCords() function, which takes e, mouse, lastMouse and ctx. Those are the elements that window has. You can see the value of e to replace updateCords(e, mouse, lastMouse, ctx) with console.log(e) in the developer tool. updateColor() function is also invoked inside of updateCords() function. To change color by coordinates, I applied the of x and y coordinates to hsl of crx.strokeStyle value.

The second event listener listens to mousedown event and add invoke draw() function.

const draw = () => { ctx.beginPath(); ctx.moveTo(lastMouse.x, lastMouse.y); ctx.lineTo(mouse.x, mouse.y); ctx.closePath(); ctx.stroke(); };

This function will tell ctx a starting point then the coordinates to move to, then draw a line between the starting point and the point the mouse moves to. Since every mouse move updates mouse(x, y) and lastMouse(x, y), as far as you drug on the canvas, a line will be drawn.

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